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Iowa Pollinator Conservation Working Group


To help meet the challenge of protecting pollinators, several faculty and staff at Iowa State University (ISU) and the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship formed the Iowa Pollinator Conservation Working Group (IPCWG) in 2013. This group reflects a partnership with colleagues and stakeholders from across the state. Members include scientists and educators with a focus on pest management, and members studying novel ways to conserve pollinators and other insects within an agricultural landscape. Initially, this group was formed to help update and apprise members of rapid advances in the science and regulation of pesticides that can affect pollinators. However, advances in the science of pollinator biology and ecology extend beyond protecting them from pesticides. These advancements create new opportunities through outreach and education to improve our support pollinator protection efforts in a variety of settings. 


The Iowa Pollinator Conservation Working Group meets every spring and fall and welcomes any researchers, educators, and conservation employees interested in joining. To receive email updates about these events, reach out to Randall Cass (